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Compliments / Criticism

Compliments / Criticism

Hi, Linda, I’m so glad to have found your site. One of the help line people at nna told me about your site. I really feel empowered knowing that I can use your website for protection!! Great idea you have. Thanks, again. P. Rager, Rockville, MD

Funny who the National NOTARY Association doesn’t go to bat for the NOTARIES and you hear nothing about this very important topic! That is why it is mostly newbies who sign up with them. They later get disenchanted and stop paying their fees. is a great site and was very helpful when I began. The flip side is the volume of notaries that mess up their assignments (not correcting mistakes, not even showing up for the appointment after accepting the assignment, etc) and then get mad when they aren’t paid. I guess it can go both ways. notaryme M Gutierrez

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Your Bio

Your Bio

Look professional……………

Spelling Errors.  Hey, BE professional when writing your resume.  Miss Forrey (my high school English teacher) would be rolling over in her grave.

Spelling mistakes should be non-existent with all the spell checks out there to use.  That won’t help using the wrong word – your when it should be you are.

I found the following on various web sites

Referances s/b      References

Thank you for your acknoledgment s/b acknowledgment.

. I am a graduate of Notary2Pro in Professional Loan Signing.

Don’t start your comments with a “.”

Good sentence structure.   Be creative – don’t start every sentence with the same word.  And use paragraphs, approximately 3 or 4 sentences per paragraph.  I found the following on NASA.

a NNA Certified Signing Agent.  I am also a member of the NNA.  I am licensed in the state of.  I specialize – don’t we all.  I provide. – we all provide  the same basic services.

I am always on time – who isn’t or who is going to admit and state they are not always on time.

How about:   I am a member of and Certified Signing Agent through the NNA.  My expertise includes Refinances, HELOC, VA, FHA, Reverse mortgages, etc.  Having never sent in a package with missing signatures or notarizations, my error rate is almost non-existent.  Given the opportunity, I feel that I would be an asset to your company.

Take a minute or two and READ what you just wrote. Then press – save