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My Crazy Signing

My Crazy Signing

LOL. A place to laugh at your craziest signing…

No borrower names or addresses. Initials ok. city/state ok. But let’s protect the idiot’s privacy.

And I will start you off….

The contact person was in GA. The signor was in Florida. I forgot to ask the contact person if the signor had a witness since this was just one measley QCD with one signature.

My husband is retired and drives me everywhere I go. I asked him to go along in and if signor had a witness he could just go back to the car; otherwise go in and witness.

The signor opened the door…are you ready for this… he opened the door dripping wet wearing nothing but a towel. lol. I told him to go get dressed. He signed the QCD and we were outta there.

Linda Kauffman

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