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Compliments / Criticism

Compliments / Criticism

Hi, Linda, I’m so glad to have found your site. One of the help line people at nna told me about your site. I really feel empowered knowing that I can use your website for protection!! Great idea you have. Thanks, again. P. Rager, Rockville, MD

Funny who the National NOTARY Association doesn’t go to bat for the NOTARIES and you hear nothing about this very important topic! That is why it is mostly newbies who sign up with them. They later get disenchanted and stop paying their fees. is a great site and was very helpful when I began. The flip side is the volume of notaries that mess up their assignments (not correcting mistakes, not even showing up for the appointment after accepting the assignment, etc) and then get mad when they aren’t paid. I guess it can go both ways. notaryme M Gutierrez

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  1. Good Bulletin. This is why I like Notary Beware – bulletins and the latest news. Keep up the good work (I know it’s extra work but worth it to us in the field).

  2. I received payment in the mail today from SIGNING WIZ. Without your help and NOTARY BEWARE, I feel I would still be waiting to be paid. SO TAKE A BOW, YOU EARNED IT! Thanks much, myrna

  3. As a seasoned professional of 13 years – I am over companies that have ridiculous correspondence requirements.
    I love Snapdocs, you take the work you want, you decline what you don’t was to do or fees that are too low.

    Thank you for the forum, notaries need YOU!

  4. I love your site!! Thank you! We all owe you a lot.

    Business is so slow right now, but am taking advantage by catching up on my unfinished quilt projects. When I
    run out of those might begin a little antsy. Hope it picks up soon. Paulette 6-13-2017

  5. Linda…….I just checked out the new website. IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! I think you did a fantastic job. It seems a lot easier to find a particular signing agency and certainly much faster. As a notary public getting assignments from a variety of signing agencies I depend on notary beware to avoid bad companies. I, for one, am deeply grateful for all of your efforts and will continue to subscribe to your services. Thank you very much.Linda R.Adams

  6. Linda: Thank you a million times for having the NotaryBeware website!!! It’s an invaluable resource for notaries.

  7. Linda thanks for the update on subject Mortgage Connect LP. From what I read they need to correct and come up with better procedures. Interesting there is no further info for rest of 2016/2017. Wonder if that means they have corrected the problems. Or we have stopped working with them. Following my feelings I will no work with them. Your doing a great job many thanks Bob

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