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Collection Suggestions

These collection suggestions are from members and compiled throughout the years. Although I have been ripped off very little, I have used some of these suggestions and they will work. Every situation is different.

You cannot expect to have the same results as someone else. The best you can do is file a complaint and then follow up. Threatening to file a complaint will sometimes help get you paid.

You performed the work and should be paid.

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  1. Enter comments on all notary boards you are a member. Also enter your info on

  2. Threaten to file a complaint with the secretary of state and the attorney general in their state. That in itself may help you get paid. They don’t do collections, but will send them a message about your complaint.

  3. Contact the lender and the title company and file a complaint with them. I received a response stating my complaint will be sent to the proper department. Maybe if enough notaries complain we can at least put them out of business. If you do not have that info, ask your borrower for the lender and the title company contact info. Better yet, keep a copy of the CD contact page until you are paid.

  4. J.C. offered this suggestion: Here is how you get your money. You find out who the owner’s of the title company or signing company are that you did the work for. You call the County Attorney’s office or Prosecutor’s office in said county and you report them for theft by swindle. They have hired you to perform a job and are not paying you for services rendered. If they have a history of no pay, then it proves a pattern with this company and the county and state they are located in don’t take kindly to companies that are committing fraud and swindling people out of money.

    How I know this works is because I made that call and the County Attorney/Prosecutor was very interested in what I had to say. I then contacted the signing company who has a history of not paying their notaries and let them know what kind of legal action the county would be taking against them and I had my check in my hand within five days.

  5. Account Receivable Collection Agencies: is a collection agency. It is my understanding that their minimum amount is $500. The fee charge is anywhere from 10% up to 50%. But half is better than a big fat “0”. This depends on the aging of your receivables. If anyone uses their services, let me know how it goes.Contact Jason Bence, Account Representative, 1806 33rd St. Ste 180, Orlando FL, 32839,
    Phone: 321-710-3530 ext. 122, Fax: 877-730-5805

    Threaten to turn them into collection. Coface is now ALTUS. 2400 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Ste 300
    Kenner, LA 70062 Tel: (800) 509-6060 Ext. 1364 Fax: (504) 200-2559. They have offices in LA, CO, NJ, and WA. Ask for the person who does collections in your state.

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